Starting school is an exciting time and an important milestone in your child’s life and maybe also your life – particularly if this is your first child to come to school.

 We look forward to working with you and your child to make the transition from preschool to school a positive experience. 

If this is your first child at school often it is new for you as a parent as well as so much has changed perhaps since you were last a student. Some children are comfortable and gain confidence quickly while it is natural for some to take a little longer to settle into school life. 

We recognise that children bring many different skills and experiences to school with them so along with the literacy and numeracy skills that are focused on in the first year, we encourage the children to begin to develop the key competencies through our school programmes. These are the skills identified in the New Zealand Curriculum that they will need to be successful life-long learners. Thinking, Relating to others, Using language, symbols, and texts, Managing self, Participating and contributing 

Pouto School - Enrollment form..pdf

Enrolment Form

When you have completed this enrolment Form, please bring in to the office with the following:

*    The Enrolment Form signed

*    Childs Birth Certificate

*    Child Immunisation Record

*    Information on any relevant Health concerns


If you have any queries or would like guidance while completing this form, please ask at the Office.